FONK Magazine Covers

At VBAT, I was asked to create several posters for the Dutch design and marketing magazine FONK. For each issue, I aimed to use either illustration or typography; often making use of flat, stand-out colour. Each poster was then translated into the magazine cover design.

#268: Retail Trends
#262: Dutch Design on an International Platform with Joe Faulding
#250: Ones to Watch in 2019 (unused sketch)
#247: The 50 Best Agencies in the Netherlands (unused sketch)
#223: The Most Inspiring People of 2017
#214: A Generation of Dutch Designers
#207: The Green Issue

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Parkeren Verboden

Parkeren Verboden is a submission to the Leeds’ based initiative, NoPARKING: which is an outdoor public exhibition space situated on the facade of Sheaf St. This space, curated by Rabbit Hole, exhibits experimental typography and graphic artworks on fluro stock from local and international artists.

For my submission, I explored the contrast between Dutch and English communication, using no parking as the content. Dutch communication can often be direct and straight to the point which is quite in your face and confrontational; hence, the large size and bold caps. English people usually avoid confrontation and we can be afraid to say what we really think, expressed here through small, lower-case, less visible typography. Both are communicating that you should not do something but in different ways.

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A Poem in Steel and Glass

A Poem in Steel and Glass is a creative response to a study of research carried out on the Modernist, International Style of architecture in the early 20th century across Europe

It explores the movement through its key players: Walter Gropius, Le Corbusier, J.J.P. Oud and Ludwig Mies van der Rohe; looking at each of their educations, backgrounds, design ethos and some of their most iconic pieces of architecture.

The inspiration for this project was the Van Nelle Factory in Rotterdam, designed by Johannes Brinkman and is considered a prime example of the movement. The title of this project comes from a quote by Howard Robertson about the Van Nelle Factory in 1930. A lot of reference for this has been drawn from an exhibition about the movement at the MoMA in 1932.

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FONK Magazine Column

After contributing numerous articles to VBAT’s Medium blog, I was asked if I wanted a regular ‘visual column’ in the Dutch design and marketing magazine FONK starting in October 2017.

The ongoing visual column is a combination of words and imagery on various topics with the idea to inspire and educate readers, exploring my interests.

#272: For the Love of Music
#260: 66 Degrees North
#257: The Bauhaus at 100
#249: Work in Progress
#243: Memphis, Now and Then
#234: 8vo Revealed
#231: The Beauty of the Exposed
#224: The Flat
#222: Stretch
#220: Can Graphic Design Save Your Life?
#218: True Faith

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Ride Fixed

I chose to explore the culture of fixed-gear cycling by immersing myself in the scene in Leeds; going on regular rides with the Leeds Fixed-Gear group as well as reading, watching and listening to content online.

The result is a publication which studies the subject mostly through 35mm black and white photography but also illustration, typography, image-making, writing and more.

Topics covered in the publication include the history of fixed-gear cycling, who people who ride fixed-gear are, the social aspect, the professional side and others, with the publication having an overall gritty feeling to relate to the rebellious nature of the 'sport'.

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