Univers 60 at 60

In 1957, Adrian Frutiger’ sans-serif typeface Univers was released by French type foundry Deberny & Peignot, the same year that Helvetica was released by the Haas Type Foundry. Since then, Helvetica has received a wider acknowledgment and gained fame as the ubiquitous sans-serif typeface with Univers being somewhat neglected.

In 2017 both Helvetica and Univers celebrated 60 years since their release, this project shines a light on Adrian Frutiger’s Univers. Together with friends and colleagues, we produced 60 unique posters using, or about, the Univers typeface. One poster for each year.

Dan Teanby ︎︎︎
Sean Valies ︎︎︎
Ross Norman ︎︎︎
Joey Barritt ︎︎︎
Kim Lundgren ︎︎︎
Tijs Kramer ︎︎︎
Dan Pilgrim ︎︎︎
Joe Ellis ︎︎︎
Richard Marsden ︎︎︎
Oscar Spyrou ︎︎︎
Andrew Wolfenden ︎︎︎

John Skead ︎︎︎

Medium: Univers 60 at 60 ︎ Univers 60 at 60 Instagram  ︎