Full Windsor: The Muncher
The Muncher is an aerospace grade titanium, strong and lightweight multi-utensil. A versatile tool which has 12 prominent functions, designed and sold by the innovative cycling accesory company Full Windsor.

I was asked to help design the packaging and overall look and feel for the Muncher multi-utensil as well as featuring in the Kickstarter campaign video. The packaging is made from a eco-friendly recycled card and is designed so as not to use any plastic holdings to secure the tool in place. Illustrations of the tool components and functions are printed on the reverse.

The Muncher multi-utensil surpassed its Kickstarter goal of $15,000 and raised over $268,000 in a month.

Product design by Mark Windsor.
Photography by Tom Joy.
Video by Max Arnold.

Kickstarter campaign page ︎︎︎
Product page ︎︎︎