VBAT C-Word Talks

The C-Word Talks are a series of informal, after-work talks at VBAT were guest speakers and professional practitioners from inspiring creative backgrounds to come and give an informal talk around what they do. Speakers have included Conchita Wurst from Europride, Lazlito Kovacs from WeTransfer, Laurens van den Acker from Renault and most recently David Carson.

For each talk, a poster was required for promotion. In 2018, I was asked to look at the existing poster format and create something with a more defined system. I created a typographic frame which would allow designers to place a piece of their own artwork inside while clearly communicating the name, topic, date and time of each talk.

Artwork by myself (#29/#30/#33/#36), Sean Valies (#31), John Skead (#32), Joe Faulding (#34) & Ellis Sargeant-Long (#35).

Work created while working at VBAT.