Univers 60 at 60

In 1957, Adrian Frutiger’ sans-serif typeface Univers was released by French type foundry Deberny & Peignot, the same year that Helvetica was released by the Haas Type Foundry. Since then, Helvetica has received a wider acknowledgment and gained fame as the ubiquitous sans-serif typeface with Univers being somewhat neglected.

In 2017 both Helvetica and Univers celebrated 60 years since their release, this project shines a light on Adrian Frutiger’s Univers. Together with friends and colleagues, we produced 60 unique posters using, or about, the Univers typeface. One poster for each year.

Collaboration with Dan Teanby, Sean Valies, Ross Norman, Joe Barritt, Kim Lundgren, Tijs Kramer, Dan Pilgrim, Joe Ellis, Richard Marsden, Oscar Spyrou, Andrew Wolfenden, John Skead & Ben Regan.

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