PANA Eatery & Bar

PANA is an informal restaurant situated at gate G in Schipol Airport Amsterdam and it is part of the HMSHost hospitality company.

VBAT was asked to come up with the naming, identity and execution of a new international flatbread themed bar and restaurant in Schipol. The name PANA comes from the greek word ‘pan’ meaning ‘all’ and represents how PANA create food inspired by all parts of the globe. ‘Pain’ in French also means bread which is the main food type PANA serve.

The identity takes reference from Eastern-European and Middle-Eastern culture; a repeat pattern is derived from triangular tiles which can be found across these regions. Our identity has been applied to the physical space, POS material, menus, and uniforms.

PANA page on Schipol Airport directory ︎

Work created while working at VBAT.