The Pride of Amsterdam

The Pride of Amsterdam is a self-initiated project with the idea to bring Heineken to the heart of the Amsterdam Pride event and to show their support for the global LGBTQ+ community within this celebration.

We designed a series of six limited-edition bottles, each a colour of the Pride flag and with a corresponding continent, showing the international reach of the Pride community. We replaced the iconic red star of the Heineken logo with the Pride flag, showing the commitment Heineken would make to the campaign.

Across the Pride event, the hashtag: #PRIDEOFAMSTERDAM could be used to gain traction of Heineken’s involvement, sharing images of the eye-catching bottles with Heineken donating profits to LGBTQ+ charities.

We pitched this project to Heineken executives and although receiving keen interest, they chose not to run with it due to internal marketing and international discussions.

Collaboration with Ellis Sargeant.

For our end of year graduation show at Leeds Beckett University, a small group of us worked together with Field to produce the identity and a supporting publication.

We chose the name Misc as in miscellaneous, reflecting the broad and diverse work created on our course; inside containing work from all students of the cohort. Using fluro pink as a binding colour and an adapatation of the existing university identity.

Collaboration with Field, Yvette RobinsonJoe Barritt.

BY ORDER is a creative response and research inquiry into the iconic British ‘sink estate’ and high-rise tower/social housing, specifically in and around London, Sheffield and Leeds. Looking at the social, political and cultural relevance ingrained within these settings, initiated by the, then, UK Prime Minister, David Cameron’s statement in 2016 to bulldoze 100 of the UK’s worst sink estates.

The publication looks at the history, cultural relevance and the uncertain future of these quintessential British housing estates. It also explores the divide between the North and South of the country and how concrete estates are perceived differently through photography and sourced periodical material.

Collaboration with Ben Rimmer.
A Life’s Work

This is a bespoke and special publication which aims to celebrate the life of the esteemed typeface designer Adrian Frutiger (1928 – 2015) using typography. This was a competition brief set by the International Society of Typographic Design (ISTD) competition in 2016.

The publication is a homage to his life and career, his iconic Univers typeface design and the countries in which he worked in, communicated through 26 pages – one for each letter of the alphabet and each using a different weight of Univers.

The publication is made of 26 loose cards housed inside a box with a slip-case around it; the red box represents his Swiss birthplace and the blue and white slip-case (with the red box inserted) his French workplace.