BNO x Albert Heijn Packaging Talent Award

Each year the BNO (Beroepsorganisatie Nederlandse Ontwerpers) issue their 'Packaging Talent Award' brief to young Dutch designers and non-Dutch young designers working in the Netherlands.

The brief for 2018 was to look at and adapt the current packaging of Albert Heijn Puur laundry detergent into a new and more ecological design. My design concept is based on reduction as a subversive reaction to the existing laundry detergent and wider consumer goods market. Utilising a functional typeface, minimal colour and clear concept to communicate the product.

The jury, made up from professional packaging designers and brand representatives, liked the look, feel and 3D visualisation of the design. However, they argued that it does not feel eco-friendly enough for the Albert Heijn brand.

Original Albert Heijn Puur packaging︎
Jury report︎